Try Office 365 for 30 days…

  • Is your company planning or in the process of moving to Office 365 ?
  • Are you an Exchange or Sharepoint administrator ?
  • Do you want to get a basic understanding of the service and how it may be administered ?
  • Can you learn in your own time ?

Then why not set up an Office 365 Trial Subscription!

I often talk to administrators looking to get experience of the service and many do not realise that the 30 day free trial option is available for Office 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium.

You don’t need any form of payment, just a valid secondary email address and phone number.

You get 25 licenses, so if there is a team of you that would like to try the admin consoles, test out remote Powershell admin connectivity, or just generally learn what features are available to end users this is a great way to jumpstart your understanding…

Go to the Office 365 products page, scroll to the bottom and click More Details, then click on Try for free, then follow the details to setup your trial.

After 30 days, if you decide not to purchase any licenses, the tenant will remain but licensable features will not be available. Microsoft will eventually delete it so DO NOT use it for any data you want to retain unless you intend to license it.

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