Flash Go’on the Nexus 7…

Nexus 7 post number 2… or blimey he doesn’t post for six months then twice in a week!!

I wasn’t that fussed about the lack of Adobe Flash on the Nexus 7, HTML 5 delivers most content.

Typically my geeky side thought it would be good to see if it can be done.. One quick Google later and one of my favourite sites delivered the answer…

Simply download the install file from the web bypassing the play store. Not ok if your like me and get nervous installing stuff in this way.

However if you have an Android phone this next method is for you…

Run Airdroid on the Android mobile which has Adobe Flash installed. Access your device from a browser, then open the Apps folder, locate the Flash app and click download.

Hey presto your very own apk! Now use your favourite file transfer method, Gdrive, dropbox, etc and copy the file to your Tablet.

Ok so I had to install FireFox as Chrome doesn’t allow for Flash plugins, but it’s a small price to pay to get those sites that haven’t caught up with the rest of us.. looking at you BBC…

This method works for other apps, so at least now I can use the Tesco App too!


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