Nexus 7

A few months ago I started to consider getting a tablet device. I never went down the Apple iDevice route having taken the Android path, a tablet device based on the same OS seemed like the best idea.

There were a plethora of choices but none captured my attention, until I discovered Google were planning on releasing their own tablet in the form of the nexus 7.

Having based my entire cloud experience on Google I immediately pre-ordered one at the start of June.

Then I waited…. and waited… and waited some more… I watched as others around me received their device’s ordered from other suppliers and then the day came. It arrived.

As with all new gadgets unboxing is always fun.. I powered it up and was greeted with “Hello Paul”. It was preset with my email address, now that’s why I ordered direct from the Play store!

After entering my GoogAccount details, a number of settings were restored such as my WI-FI connections.

Then the task of installing applications, but was it fast! I was disappointed that some key applications were not supported, WhatsApp and Tescos.

Since its arrival 2 weeks ago, I have got it setup just how I want it with one exception…

HTC have spoiled me with their take on the swiping keyboard, and the lack of this on the Nexus 7 was noticeable. Before HTC included a swipe keyboard by default, I used a third party one called Swype. When I first tried this I immediately wanted all my keyboards to work this way!

I would never have considered writing this much content using a touch device until now. Sitting here Swyping my finger across the keyboard, I am now content with my new addition. Teamed with my HTC One X its perfect for use where the smaller screen doesn’t quite cut it and a Laptop is too much.

If you have a Nexus 7 get Swype, you won’t regret it!


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