Archive everything, Leave nothing behind…!

As we start to import users Lotus Domino Archives from NSF, it was becoming apparent that not all content is included by default..

There are two out of the box issues an Administrator would need to watch out for, one of which is to be fixed in later releases, the other is more of a custom set-up.

Default Forms Available in the PolicyIssue 1: Selecting Forms for Archiving

As we intend to include all documents within our archive policy, we selected all of the forms listed in the user policy.

However when we ran the Archive process against a user it left a number of documents behind.

Content Left BehindUpon checking we found a number of Form types that are not included by default. This means that if you want to archive all of your content you have to add the Form types manually.

To add the additional Forms you will need to open the Enterprise Vault Admin Console, Right Click on the Directory of your EV instance and select Properties.

From the Directory Properties Dialogue, Click Domino Forms.Custom Form List

On this pane, additional forms can be added for inclusion in the archive process. We added Notice, (Reply Notice) & Recall Request. It is expected that others will be included as we progress into the migration of the user archiving.

Once complete and the dialogue confirmed, the policy’s where the additional forms are included will also need to be updated to reflect the new forms.

Issue 2: Missing Form Attributes

The second issue is where messages with the Form attribute missing are ignored by Enterprise Vault archiving. Ordinarily this is not an problem for Lotus Notes, it falls back to the default Memo form of the mail file. However EV programmatically decides which content to archive based on the Form attribute as shown above however if this attribute is missing, the content is not archived.

We ran a Lotus Domino based service desk system for a while which sent Lotus Notes based messages minus the form attribute. While this is not necessarily a big issue, we still need to archive these messages to ensure EV can apply the retention policy.

Therefore Symantec Support provide the following Registry Fix…

On a 32-bit installation of Windows:

  • \SOFTWARE \KVS \Enterprise Vault \Agents
  • Add a new 32bit [DWORD] -DominoArchiveMissingFormMails
  • Set value to 1
  • Restart archiving task

On a 64-bit installation of Windows:

  • \SOFTWARE \Wow6432Node \KVS \Enterprise Vault \Agents
  • Add a new 32bit [DWORD] -DominoArchiveMissingFormMails
  • Set value to 1
  • Restart archiving task

(Editing the Registry at your own risk.)

After changing the Registry key, ensure that all of the associated services are restarted.

Once we had both of the above issues configured the remaining user content was successfully added to the EV Archive.

Post updated on 15/12/11 to correctly indicate the difference between 32 & 64 bit OS Reg Keys.. However Symantec really should update their own technote !!


One thought on “Archive everything, Leave nothing behind…!

  1. Hi Paul, Thanks for this it was just what I was looking for. I now have almost 100% success but I still can not achive encrypted messages. How did you handle encrypted messages/? is there also a reg hack to force EV to archive them?


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