Domino Down !

I have been working with Lotus products since about 1997.. I like to think I know what most of the configurations control in the client and more so the Server… Yet you only really amend the defaults when there is an issue..

We have never really had issues on server shut down, so I was surprised to get unexplained NSD events on our newer Domino 8.5.x servers based on Windows 2008 R2 64Bit..It appears that we have got to the point where the Domino server holding a higher amount of data take time to shut down..

If after a period of preset time, 300 Seconds, Domino will perform an NSD -KILL on itself to clean up. This seems to work better in 8.5.1 so much so we have had to extend this value..

So now our Mail, Archive and Journal servers are allowed 25 minutes to complete a shut down before NSD -kill is run ready for when the OS restarts after a 30 minute grace period.


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