Archiving, De-duplication & Retention…

Computerworld recently published a short article titled Five ways to get the most out of Storage. There they talk about the recent issues encountered in Thailand having a knock on effect the the price of storage.

Recent flooding in Thailand has affected many hard drive manufacturers, resulting in price hikes for hard drives of as much as 50 to 100 percent. How long this will last is unclear, but in the meantime… (More)

Is it any wonder then that I have just finished setting up a 3 server instance of Symantec’s Enterprise Vault to Journal and Archive our Lotus Domino Infrastructure ?

There has always been much apathy amongst financial businesses towards reducing stored data. Who knows when the FSA or similar will walk in demanding data. With no quota’s, limits or restrictions against stored mail the situation has gotten out of control with approx 20Tb of Domino based NSF archives containing user and journalled email data.

Implementation of a true dedicated archive solution has been mooted for a number of years, now it has gotten to the point that reduction of this data is seen as highly beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Standards based content storage
  • Improved user content search
  • Single Instance Storage
  • Investigative Discovery and Search
  • Enforced Retention policy

Enterprise Vault is a really cool service and actually quite simple to to setup, albeit we were guided by consultants from BlueWave.

The scalability of the product allowed us to start with a simple two server infrastructure, one for Message Journalling and a second for user archiving. The servers share a single vault store, allowing them to also share the same de-duplicated attachment content.

We were lucky enough to be able to meet the pre-requisites to get the infrastructure operational before Bluewave attended site. So much so that at the end of day two we were journaling and archiving !

Now we begin the long and drawn out process of restoring the Journalled data which has been put to tape so we can ingest it into the new EV solution.

Additional articles on my experiences and issues with Enterprise Vault will be written in the future, especially on how much de-duplication reduces our stored content and implementing a global retention policy of 7 years..


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