Memory Lane…

Recently chatted to someone who admitted to receiving a Sinclair ZX spectrum as a wedding gift.. Got me to thinking about my first “personal computer”. I was (un)lucky enough to have an Acorn Electron as a kid, albeit it was my dads..

I used to spend hours rattling out code from magazines to play the games. This involved saving them to Cassette tape. Only to find the next morning that the cassette recording had not worked properly and I had to type out the code all over again.

This was my first introduction into PC logic and coding, all at the age of about 9.. Not bad..

I was amazed, when googled, to find people still, not only have this kit, but are offering it for sale!

Whilst I am nostalgic, I wont be partaking in this purchase. I am going to let it live down memory lane..!


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