Chiming Android…

I used to wear a digital watch, but it never felt completely comfortable..  I did miss the hourly chimes though, it helps know that the working day is passing.. So courtesy of the Tasker Wiki I setup my own hourly chime on Marvin..

Between the hours of 7am and 9pm repeated each hour, it checks to see if the phone is in silent or the earphones are plugged in. If either of these are true it doesn’t play the chime. Don’t really want my music interrupted!! Otherwise it increases the volume plays the chime, waits 5 seconds and returns the volume to normal..

Profile Name: Chimes
Between Times: 07:00 every 1h untill 21:00
When Headphones are not plugged in

Enter Task: Hourly Chimes
Stop if media volume is 0
Stop if ring volume is 0
Set Media Volume Level to 9
Music Play File:chimes.mp3 if %TIME matches  07.00 or 08.00 or 09.00 or 10.00….etc
Wait for 5 seconds
Set Media Volume Level to 6

Simple and if you get the right chime very effective.

Of course you can make Tasker announce the time, but this was a bit over the top for my preferences !


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